On-Line Registration Opens May 4, 2024

Membership 2024

Membership DescriptionPrice*
Family (1 or 2 adults and their children living at the same residential address)385$
Teen (youth 12-17 yr old as of June 30th)240$
Adult (18 years and over as of June 30th)165$
Couple (Two adults 18+ as of June 30th)275$
Adult 55+ (Adult 55 years or over as of June 30th)115$
Couple 55+ (Two adults 55 years or over as of June 30th)180$
Adult and baby (1 Adult + baby (2 years and under as of June 30th)**195$
Membership Plus (With the purchase of a Family membership + minimum $200 investment you can hang your company banner on the pool grounds for the season) ***585+$
* Prices are listed including taxes
** Cannot be combined with any other membership
*** Please email ecclestonepool@gmail.com to discuss.